Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stand Vigilant

I found this article this poster titled "Stand Vigilant America! A Radio Station is Trying to Steal Your Gun" in the May/June 2002 edition of Communication Arts. This poster was an example used in a section labeled "Great Ideas on Limited Budgets." This poster is an example of many that were done as an awareness campaign for a radio station. The radio station was considered a 24/7 beacon of free speech and the designers thought that doing a campaign that emphasized with the less-heard voices of environmental, social and political groups would be boring. Instead they came up with a guerrilla marketing campaign to tell people to turn off the radio station for completely absurd reasons. It was meant as an inside joke for listeners and they even designed bumper stickers that coincided with the posters which became very popular. The public response was positive and supportive and the posters have won many awards.

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