Monday, January 18, 2010








I found this first piece in Communication Arts, Vol. 11, 1969 on pg. 73. This piece was example of a 1960's ad poster for IBM. At the time, IBM was trying to become more of a household name. They were moving away from just producing corporate products and introducing more household products. This poster's message is trying to represent IBM's new target market; the personal consumer. I think that the image is a good play on the caption at the top, "IBM is YOU, Incorporated." The use of the graphic type and the interaction and overlapping of the words "IBM" and "YOU" reinforce the caption as well. I think the choice of a display font is interesting and it becomes more graphic and artistic then just being words. The poster consisted of just black and white which I think was appropriate because I think if there was more color the poster may have become to busy. Overall, I think this poster illustrates the message of IBM's changing market.